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About Us

The Hestasi Story

Hestasi Founder Image About Us

Four years ago I was studying in Sydney. Spending time on my computer always resulted in very bad eye fatigue and headaches for me.

I was very frustrated because there was no product like Blue Light Glasses on the market at that time.

"There must be a solution!", ...

... I told myself since I knew I was not the only one struggling with this problem!

So I sat down with my friend, who studied product development, to develop a solution against all these problems that is effective, easy to use and accessible to everyone.

It took us many fails and even more sleepless nights until we developed our first prototype for our iconic Signature Blue Light Glasses.

After many refinements, we were ready to launch: And people loved our product!

Hestasi Blue Light Glasses

Hestasi Today

Today, Hestasi has sold over 15,000 pairs of our iconic Signature Glasses to over 10,000 customers globally. We have built a hyper-productive team of highly skilled individuals to help Hestasi grow even further and help fight the dark side of our increasing device consumption.

We also focus heavily on sustainability. Hestasi is 100% CO2 neutral, thanks to our environmentally friendly production and shipping options and our partnership with Pachama

The Hestasi Vision

Our vision for Hestasi is broad, we recently released the first version of our Blue Light Blocking Glasses that we had been working on for two years - and we must say, our customers love every detail of it. Since launch, we have been super grateful to have thousands of customers speak their opinion and tell us how much they love it.

We're always in the works to find new advanced technology that would help the next version of our products be better than ever, it is not yet planned for the next release, but it's coming!

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